Who We Are

The AIS Mission

We believe that education is a continuous process that has to be developmental in nature and keep pace with changing times. We are firmly committed to change. Our objective is to develop “self learning” which brings about the process of “life-long learning” in our pupils.

Deeply Personalised Learning

We celebrate the individuality of every learner encouraging them to find their own answers

Our small class sizes ensure that our teachers give individualized attention to every student and share strong personal bonds with them. Starting academic year 2016-17, we have launched a comprehensive technology integration program under which all students above Grade 5 have a tablet or a laptop of their own. These personalised devices help teachers gather data on student performance and interests more effectively enabling them to customise the learning journey of each and every child.

Whole Child Development

Students get opportunities across a variety of interests whether it be sports, art and design, or music

Our whole child approach to education focuses on developing each child’s self-awareness, intrinsic capability, and collaboration skills so that they can successfully navigate their future. Our teachers draw on students’ passions, talents, and learning styles to create an education that cultivates the whole child - academically, socially, and emotionally.

Internationalism with Indian Values

Our students learn as much by considering global perspectives as they do through our rich cultural heritage

Study of Indian History and Culture with a perspective on Global History and Culture forms an integral part of the curriculum at AIS. We encourage consideration of global issues from an Indian standpoint. Our students have the option of taking up a foreign language or to undertake deeper study of an Indian language.

Joyous Pursuit of Excellence

A mind that is not happy cannot learn

We set very high standards of achievement for our students and we believe that achieving those standards is only possible if the school provides a caring and joyful environment to them. An emphasis on positive relationships is central while students problem-solve, collaborate, and play with others who have equally strong interests, perspectives, and viewpoints.