PYP Gujarat Network Schools’ Newsletter

Earlier this year, at the annual PYP Coordinators’ Gujarat Network meet held at Navrachana International School Vadodara teachers decided to create a platform where they could share best practices practised in their schools.

This led to the creation of the newsletter attached below. Teachers from Navrachana International School Vadodara, Fountainhead School Surat, Calorx Olive International School Ahmedabad and our school contributed anecdotes of the aha moments in their classes and the strategies they used that led to them.

Collaboration and reflection are a big part of the ePYP and we see our community emulate it everyday. Teachers at AIS are always striving to outdo themselves and to create a world-class learning environment. We hope that this growth mindset of our educators – to be inspired and to innovate – sparks a a similar attitude of lifelong learning in our students.

We definitely see ourselves perusing this newsletter looking for inspiration. Do give it a read and get a sneak peak of what goes into the making of a classroom.