Introducing the AIS Makerspace

One of the highlights of the new academic year at Ahmedabad International School is the Makerspace, an initiative aimed at allowing students to explore and express their creativity. It is an innate human desire to give form to ideas through making things using our hands. This process in turn fuels engagement, creativity and curiosity, qualities that are essential for real-world problem solving. 

The Makerspace is a dedicated place where students are free to ideate, experiment, tinker, collaborate with each other, and reflect upon their creations in order to make improvements. While the space is open to the entire school community, there are regular weekly sessions for grades 6-8. Each session begins with a brief introduction to the concept or problem being studied, after which students split into pairs and work on an appropriate project. While each grade is periodically set different challenges and problems to solve, students also have the liberty to work on independent projects. Below is a slideshow of a handful of moments from the Makerspace so far. 


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