Five Reasons Every High Schooler Should Do Model United Nations

Ahmedabad International School is hosting the second edition of the Ahmedabad International Model United Nations on 18-19 August, 2017, as part of Kairos, the annual fest organised by students of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. To register and participate, fill in the simple application form at 

Model United Nations is an extracurricular activity that has gained increasing popularity in recent years. It’s a simulated United Nations conference in which students represent various countries and debate resolutions in an attempt to solve pressing world problems.

Apart from the fun aspect of dressing up and pretending to be global leaders, there are several reasons why MUN is such a revered extracurricular the world over. It’s an enriching experience for every participant and here are the top five reasons any high schooler shouldn’t miss a chance to participate:

Extend Your Learning 

Model United Nations serves as the perfect platform for students to learn about the world and think critically about real problems. Through research and discussion, students present possible diplomatic solutions to complex issues such as the rising threat of nuclear warfare, escalating climate change, conflict in the Middler East and many more. Students gain an understanding of how problems taking place in other countries impact their own communities and the world as a whole. At the same time, the formal setting of the conference allows participants to understand how existing international bodies work, and how respect and cooperation are the fundamentals of debate and diplomacy. 

Build Confidence Through Public Speaking 

MUN supports young people’s personal growth through allowing delegates to practice their public speaking skills in a safe and structured environment. This bolsters confidence and helps students become more articulate speakers and debaters. In addition to this, MUN also teaches crucial teamwork and organisational skills. Running a conference is often like running a small business that involves finding “customers” (delegates), developing a “product” (the conference), and managing people. 

Learn to Lead 

For frequent participants of the conference, the chance to chair debates or serve in positions such as Secretary General or Director General are all invaluable opportunities in leadership. The debate requires different people to fill different roles and students who get a chance to lead can pick up valuable lifelong lessons about building professional relationships and effectively managing teams. 

Network and Make Friends 

One of the most fun aspects of MUN is interacting with students from other schools and cities. Not only is this a great way to gain richer perspectives but it enables students to practice the crucial professional skills of networking, lobbying and negotiating. This can often spark lasting friendships and teaches young people how to build and sustain connections in the world. Great preparation for an increasingly connected globalised world! 

Looks Good On Your Resume 

With all the skills that Model UN helps develop, there’s no doubt that it’s a valuable addition to every high schooler’s resume and college application. Admissions committees  at top universities and colleges around the world are always looking for enterprising and informed young people who can add value to their student communities. MUN participants often have just the skill-set that these committees are looking for! Moreover, conference experiences and lessons learned provide great material for personal essays and interviews that are a significant part of the admission process.